Points Leagues: Rowdy Roddy Tellez

Allow me to introduce you to Pete. I have no idea why I am calling it Pete, and it very well might change next week. So what, or who, is Pete? Pete is my new software for making it easy for me to determine rest of season rankings for points leagues. I won’t go into the complete algorithms as that will just bore you, but the calculations that happen include a special blend of preseason projections, year to date performance and playing time. It might be more appropriate to call this Pete Beta v1.0 as there are certainly a few more tweaks I need/want to make. But the results of today’s run are very encouraging. Remember, ranking lists are meant to give you general, big picture guidance. If lists were exact then fantasy baseball wouldn’t be a game.

This first list shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since it’s based on the year-to-date performance, but I bet many of the names do indeed come as a surprise.

Year-to-date Rankings

I’m feeling really good about Josh Bell. I told anyone that would listen to draft him, as his ADP was far too low in the 14th round. There are quite a few names near the top of this list that many would not have expected to be here when the season began. C.J. Cron, Anthony Rizzo, Tommy Edman and Ty France all in the top ten, ahead of the likes of Juan Soto, Mookie Betts, Mike Trout and Vladimir Guerrero. When I say “ahead”, it’s only a few points, but it’s still ahead. It’s still early in the season, but there sure is lots happening.

Who would have predicted that Rowdy Roddy Tellez would have more fantasy points than Aaron Judge, Yordan Alvarez, Bryce Harper and Alex Bregman? In all fairness, Tellez did put up 20 points in one game. Remove that game and he falls out of the top 50. I wouldn’t get all that excited about him as I don’t think he’s all that great.

Had you drafted the following team, you’d be sitting pretty in the standings:

C: Daulton Varsho (ADP: 12th round)
1B: Josh Bell (14th round)
2B: Ty France (16th round)
3B: Nolan Arenado (4th round)
SS: Willy Adames (12th round)
OF: Tommy Edman (13th round)
OF: Christian Yelich (9th round)
OF: Myles Straw (undrafted)
DH: Rowdy Tellez (undrafted)

You could have taken a starting pitcher in the first three rounds. Imagine having Gerrit Cole, Max Scherzer and Kevin Gausman as three of your SP?

Rest of Season Rankings

These rest of season rankings are based on the number of projected fantasy points each player will accrue between today and the last day of the regular season. The top of this list reads like a who’s who of who we expected to be at the top of this list before a single game was played.

End of Season Rankings

I see London, I see Ty France holding steady up within the top 40 hitters.

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