Arsenal vs Brighton & Hove Albion highlights (2-0)

Arsenal 2 vs 0 Brighton & Hove Albion highlights 23.5

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta: “It wasn’t in our hands. We tried to do our best, but it was not enough.

“This club deserves trophies and the Champions League and we haven’t managed to do that in very challenging circumstances. Now we have to be critical of ourselves and prepare for next season in the best possible way.

“It is frustrating because last season with 61 points we [would have finished] fifth. Now we are eighth and that is the step that we have to identify.

“The level has gone so high so the only way to do it is to be much better next season and much more consistent, and this is the challenge ahead of us.”

Brighton boss Graham Potter: “We did our best but we just weren’t good enough today. The boys kept going and I can’t criticise them for that. Sometimes you have to be honest and say we weren’t at our level.

“We have had a tough week, a tough season and maybe today was a step too far for us. We weren’t good enough to maintain attacks long enough. We didn’t do enough to win the game so the result is a fair one.”

Arsenal vs Brighton & Hove Albion . Score: 2-0.