Eli Manning gave a double middle finger on TV, and immediately apologized

Philadelphia sports fans are a notoriously rude bunch. They threw snowballs at Santa Clause, dumped popcorn on Russell Westbrook, chucked batteries at JD Drew, and booed Donovan McNabb when he was drafted. If there’s one thing Philadelphia sports fans truly hate, it’s an opposing team in the NFC East. NFL fandom just gets territorial like that.

As the Eagles hosted the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football, one of their former division rivals called the game on ESPN2 with his older brother. At this point, the ManningCast is becoming must-watch, and Week 3 provided us with another memorable moment when Eli Manning got a little carried away talking about the hostility he felt playing in Philadelphia during his days with the New York Giants.

“You go to Philly, you’re getting the double bird from a 9-year-old,” Eli Manning said during the broadcast. Manning then proceeded to show American what the double bird looks like by raising his two middle fingers at the TV screen.

Manning said he thought ESPN2 would blur out his one finger salute, but they didn’t. Instead, Eli Manning basically told Monday Night Football viewers to f-off.

Manning apologized minutes later. ESPN probably didn’t love that this happened.

If nothing else, Eli flipping the double bird gave us a great screencap to send to all of the annoying New England Patriots fans in our lives. Eli has always given off Large Adult Son vibes, and him being absent-minded enough to flip off America and thinking it’s totally chill seems perfectly fitting.

The ManningCast is routinely becoming more entertaining than the product on the field for some of these Monday night games. This was another uncompetitive contest with the Cowboys winning easily, 41-21.

This week’s show featured LeBron James and Nick Saban prior to Eli flipping the double bird on TV screens all across the country. Please just don’t punish him, ESPN. The ManningCast must continue unabated.