WCL Summer League and Driveline Training 2022

Written by Alex Harter

As player development is being revolutionized across baseball, one topic has dominated the conversation: how should athletes prioritize skill training versus live competition? Do I play summer ball and get much needed reps or spend the summer at a private training facility and hone my craft? 

Too often athletes are forced to sacrifice one or the other. That is, until now.

In May 2021, Driveline Baseball and the West Coast League announced a partnership combining player development and playing experience. We are now done with Year 1 of Driveline being the official Player Development Partner of the West Coast League — and we were very happy with the results. Driveline was able to help teams utilize our TRAQ software, train athletes while playing, and even fielding our very own Driveline Baseball team. 

We are taking the next step forward with our new, official development program for the Summer 2022:

We are officially looking for new players for next summer. If you are interested, get in touch with us.

What does this development program look like? 

This program gives an athlete access to the best baseball training facility in the world and opportunity to play in a prestigious college summer league, the West Coast League. 

Each player will be with Driveline a total of eight weeks — four weeks of programmed training and four weeks of playing competitive baseball. 

Each player will go through a full assessment (hitting or pitching).

Hitting Assessment

  • K-Vest, Blast, & Hittrax analysis and Motion Capture Swing Analysis
  • Physical Therapy Assessment
  • Strength Assessment

Pitching Assessment

  • Motion Capture Analysis and Baseline Bullpen (Rapsodo/TrackMan)
  • Physical Therapy Assessment
  • Strength Assessment

Once a player goes through the assessment, they will receive both skill and strength programming for the entire 8 weeks, and will be modified accordingly when playing summer ball games. 

The four weeks of training are also flexible, as we understand collegiate seasons all end at different times depending on playoffs, division, etc. 


If an athlete comes out in the middle of June, they can train for two weeks and then start playing when summer ball season begins in July. After the season ends, they can then train for two more weeks after games conclude. 

If an athlete comes out in the beginning of June, they can train for four weeks, play for four weeks of games in July, and that would conclude their program. 

What is our skill development program going to be focused around? 

We have a Big 3 for both Hitting and Pitching skills, and after going through our assessment we discuss with the athlete their lowest hanging fruit and figure out what skill to focus training on.

Our pitching training will be based around our Pitching Big 3: 

Our hitting training will be based around our Hitting Big 3:

On top of this, athletes will be given strength programming based off their strength assessment, where we utilize force plates to better understand athletes strengths and weaknesses

What type of players and how many are we looking for? 

Any type of player, we are looking to fill a full roster, so we need pitchers AND hitters. We are looking to fill a roster between 30-35 athletes. 

We are open to any college-eligible players and any incoming college athletes (2022 HS graduate athletes).

What does the summer ball schedule look like? 

The summer ball schedule will entail 20-25 games with the majority of the games being played in the West Coast League.

How do athletes continue to develop while playing games? 

Using tools like PULSE for pitchers and Blast Motion for hitters, along with metrics from stadium Trackman units, which all West Coast League teams are expected to have in 2022, we will still be able to monitor development progress through a data driven approach. 

Once games start, programming and development does not stop. Strength, pitching, and hitting programming will still be given to each athlete to complete on a daily basis, and will be adjusted around the game schedule. 

Is there a cost for training/playing? 

There is a cost of $3499 for 8 weeks of training and playing. There is also dorm style housing that will also be available for these athletes to stay in at a cost. 

Note: Host families are being explored as an option.

Driveline NIL Program? 

Driveline will be offering a NIL program for athletes that will discount the total cost for this development program. This program is being finalized and can be discussed on an athlete-by-athlete basis. 

Are you a coach that has players that would be a good fit for the program? 

Email us at [email protected] and leave us the best phone number and we will get in contact with you.

By Driveline Baseball

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