Photo gallery of Thursday’s action as AVP MBO qualifying wraps up

Grant O’Gorman digs in a spray of sand/Ed Chan,

The main draw begins Friday at the AVP Manhattan Beach Open, but to get there the hopefuls went through two days of qualifying.

Here are photo editor Ed Chan’s favorite shots from Thursday.

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Lydia Smith with the set. Inanna Eshoo follow through on a flying dig/Ed Chan, Jessie Carnes changes directions to dig/Ed Chan, Nolan Albrecht (hitting) and Curt Toppel joust/Ed Chan, Sara Bouzeid pokeys over/Ed Chan, Charles Porter keeps the ball alive/Ed Chan, Seain Cook hustles for a block touch/Ed Chan, Travis Mewhirter finds some angle against Spencer Sauter/Ed Chan, John Schwengel passes the sky ball/Ed Chan, Charlie Ekstrom bombs away against Devon Newberry and Delaynie Maple. Grant O’Gorman digs in a spray of sand/Ed Chan, Savannah Simo sets a low dig/Ed Chan, Amy Reichel lays out for a dig/Ed Chan, Jon Ferrari and Andrew Dentler celebrate while David Vander Meer and Mike Groselle collapse in frustration/Ed Chan, Seain Cook overruns the dig/Ed Chan, Iya Lindahl lays out. Kyle Radde turns the spike angle/Ed Chan, Melissa Powell runs a ball down/Ed Chan, Laurel Weaver digs at full stretch/Ed Chan, Grant O’Gorman falls just short of the dig/Ed Chan, Alex Diaz digs a high line at a full run/Ed Chan, Marcus Partain follows through after running down a dig/Ed Chan, David Vander Meer makes the dig/Ed Chan, Robbie Page celebrates his return to the main draw/Ed Chan, Travis Mewhirter hits through the defense/Ed Chan, Hagen Smith hustles for the shot/Ed Chan, Seain Cook celebrates/Ed Chan, Carly Kan pulls and digs/Ed Chan, Alex Diaz lays out for a dig/Ed Chan, Delaynie Maple extends for the jumbo shot/Ed Chan, Maria Clara Salgado moving on to the main draw. Eunyce Vercosa battles in the 2nd match of the day. Hagen Smith winds up for a spike/Ed Chan, Hagen Smith turns to celebrate/Ed Chan, Jon Ferrari sets a block touch/Ed Chan, Marcus Partain delivers an outside set/Ed Chan, Chase Frishman makes the overhand dig/Ed Chan, Marcus Partain reads a high line shot/Ed Chan, Robbie Page finds a hole in the David Lee block/Ed Chan, Adam Roberts picks up a shot/Ed Chan, Macy Gordon with the digi/Ed Chan, Lexy Denaburg with the dig/Ed Chan, Brett Greiner runs down a high dig off the court/Ed Chan, Chase Frishman runs down the high line/Ed Chan,

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