Photo gallery: The best Friday AVP Manhattan Beach shots by Ed Chan, Mark Rigney

AVP Manhattan Beach photo gallery 8/20/2021-Geena UrangoGeena Urango dives for a net serve/Ed Chan,

There was plenty of energy at the AVP Manhattan Beach Open on Friday.

After a year off because of the pandemic, the MBO had fans in the stands, and they got to see in person the best American pro beach volleyball has to offer. photo editor Ed Chan and VBM contributor Mark Rigney were there all day. Here are their favorite photos from Friday:

Karissa Cook with the dig. Tory Paranagua lays out in an early morning match. Delaney Mewhirter jousts with Liliane Maestrini/Ed Chan, Larissa Franca dives for the net serve/Ed Chan, Silila Tucker runs down a shot/Ed Chan, Falyn Fonoimoana scrambles to stay in the point. Hailey Harward battling to stave off elimination. Molly Turner gets low for a defensive save/Ed Chan, Savvy Simo covers the block/Ed Chan, Jon Ferrari expresses frustration/Ed Chan, Brooke Sweat reads the shot/Ed Chan, Miles Partain falls just short of digging a cut shot/Ed Chan, Paul Lotman runs down a low pass as Miles Partain trails/Ed Chan, Zana celebrates a big block. Troy Field lays out in his match against Ed Ratledge and Skylar DelSol. Falyn Fonoimoana celebrates with partner Geena Urango/Ed Chan, Savvy Simo digs in a cloud of dust/Ed Chan, Brooke Sweat picks up a shot with her left hand/Ed Chan, Tight spaces. Hailey Harward makes a save/Ed Chan, Megan Rice defends/Ed Chan, Jess Gaffney stretches for a dig/Ed Chan, Delaney and Travis Mewhirter hug/Ed Chan, Hailey Harward turns the ball past Emily Hartong/Ed Chan, April Ross strains to make a save/Ed Chan, Fighting back to even in a tight second set. Photo: Mark Rigney Geena Urango passes a short serve/Ed Chan, Geena Urango drives for a net serve/Ed Chan, Sarah Sponcil dives for the block touch/Ed Chan, Logan Webber yells in celebration/Ed Chan, Emily Hartong takes Julia Scoles’ angle/Ed Chan, Kelly Reeves releases some emotion/Ed Chan, Troy Field lets everyone know who’s in charge at the net. Photo: Mark Rigney Evan Cory brings up a cut shot/Ed Chan, Logan Webber celebrates/Ed Chan, Silila Tucker covers the court/Ed Chan, Silila Tucker removes the hat of Cody Caldwell/Ed Chan, Hard fought win for Hughes and Wilkerson. Photo: Mark Rigney Delaynie Maple in an all UCLA Bruin match-up. Brandie refuses to be denied. Photo: Mark Rigney Jake Rosener and Christopher Vaughan pass the middle/Ed Chan, Devon Newberry hits over Zana Muno. Maria Salgado sets Lexy Denaburg Hailey Harward absorbs a spike overhand/Ed Chan, Brandie shows her defensive prowess. Photot: Mark Rigney Molly Turner stretching to cover the line. Photo: Mark Rigney Larissa Franca plays defense/Ed Chan, Maria Salgado keeps the rally going in the days last match. Photo: Mark Rigney April Ross spikes in a packed stadium court Friday/Ed Chan, Geena try to touch a shot by Jessica Gaffney. Savy Simo filling in admirably for an injured Crissy Jones. Sara Hughes stretches for a dig/Ed Chan, Emily Hartong puts on the brakes near the court barriers/Ed Chan, Jon Ferrari turns a spike line but Paul Lotman is there/Ed Chan, Janelle Allen celebrates/Ed Chan, Evan Cory acknowledges a Logan Webber block/Ed Chan, Angel Dache absorbs a spike/Ed Chan, Delaney and Lili joust. Previous articleTop four seeds on both sides remain in AVP Manhattan Beach winners bracket